Draw a dynamic distinction between you and your competition

With full colour digital graphics, your message will cut through the clutter

At Custom Grafix we pride ourselves in our ability to offer you the highest quality signage, using our modern state of the art Large Format Printers.

With our latex print technology Custom Grafix produces vibrant images worthy of building the best brands.

This enables us to give you photographic quality images for your signage on many different substrates.

The power of colour is unmistakable – its depth and dimension commands your attention, instantly bringing focus to your product or service.

Full colour digital graphics (also called large format digital graphics) from Custom Grafix can enhance your professional image and credibility, build customer awareness in record time, increase message retention and draw a dynamic distinction between you and your competition.

Among the many marketing messages we encounter each day, only a few have lasting impact. With full colour digital graphics, your message will cut through the clutter.

Full colour digital signs & photographic images can be printed & laminated for durable indoor and outdoor banners, signs, & vehicle graphic displays. Photographs can be directly scanned for digital printing on our large format printer or custom designed.


Custom Grafix offers a wide variety of digital printing options.

Choose low, medium or high resolution, and from a wide variety of Medias including vinyl for banners, self adhesive vinyl’s, coated paper for indoor posters and signs, translucent materials for backlit signs, etc.

Custom Grafix does all the work in-house, including design, printing, mounting and laminating, so you don’t have to pay for someone else’s mark up.

Call today or drop us an e-mail to find out more.

Machtig LED Illumination has had the pleasure of working with Custom Grafix for more than 3 years now.

They have provided us with all types of fantastic marketing material from company cars being covered in logo’s, to custom artwork for our office walls, to eye catching street signage for our offices.

Custom Grafix are easy to deal with and always provide the highest quality work at great prices.

David Clerk

Managing Director, General Innovation Australia Pty Ltd

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Wayne Hind
CEO Custom Grafix

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